Spokesperson course and y role play

Spokesperson course, including how to prepare a public speech and real live role play, simulation of a press conference with journalists and nasty Q&A. Video recording for later analysis.


Corporate communication 2.0

The importance of social and professional networks.
Change in communication model. The use of new social tools: Blogs, Twitter, Wikipedia, networks…
Positioning (SEO, SEM and SMO).


Crisis communication

What is a communication crisis? Typology, good practices vs bad practices
Right steps to succeed. Case studies.


Internal communication

Strategy definition, planning and management of an effective internal communication policy. Tools and channels.
Case studies.


Event organization

Exposure of the key factors to bear in mind when planning an event. Real cases.



Knowledge and techniques of personal and social protocol to help our clients behave, resolve and lead correctly any situation. How to improve personal communication, image (personal branding) and networking.